Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Checking Things Off As I Go

(Originally posted to FB on Nov. 6, 2011)

At the seminar this past week I got my official check list that I have to complete before the surgery. I love having it because now instead of guessing how much I have left to do, I KNOW exactly what I still have to do and when. I was able to take the list and make some appointments that I need. I have one more to make, but am waiting for Psych to contact me for that.

So here are the things on the list that the Bariatric Clinic requires us to do before we can have the surgery:

~*GYN Exam; Pap Smear (women only of course) *Mine is scheduled for Dec 20
~Breast Exam-Mammogram (over 40 only, so I luck out on this one)
~Barium Enema/Colonoscopy (over 50 only, so I luck out once again!!) *Whew!!!
~*6 Supervised Nutrition Classes *My last 3 will be on Nov 10, Nov 17, & Dec 1
~*Sleep Study to check for Sleep Apnea *Mine is scheduled for Nov 28
(If you have Sleep Apnea you must get and use a CPAP machine for 1 month before surgery)
~*Psychiatric Consult *Waiting for them to call and schedule
~*Upper GI or EGD *Mine is tomorrow morning Nov 7
~*Blood Work (There's a long list) *Mine is tomorrow morning Nov 7
(I'm doing the Upper GI and Blood work at same time so I only have to fast once.)
~Internal Medicine Consult (Only for people with DM over 50, BMI>55, Phen/Fen use, or Cardiac History: I luck out)
~Cardiac Echo (Phen/Fen use: does not apply to me)
~Prostate Specific Antigen (men over 50)
~*Support Group (Must attend 2 before surgery) *Mine will be Dec 1 and Dec 28 (if they do not have the one on Dec 28 due to the holidays, I will attend the next one on Jan 5)

If everything go as planned, and I don't have sleep apnea, I will hopefully have my check list completed no later than Jan 5. If I do have sleep apnea, I will have to schedule a follow up to be put on a CPAP machine and will have to use it for a month before I can have the surgery. Hopefully that won't be completed any later than mid January. I'm praying I don't have sleep apnea, but I know it's common in people that are overweight. If I do have it, I won't be surprised, but I will be a bit disappointed.

After all of these requirements are met, I will have a pre-op appointment with the surgeon and we will set a date for the surgery! Yay!!


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