Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting Really Excited

(Originally posted to FB on December 28, 2011)

I must admit, with the holidays I have not been eating as well as I should...not even close really. But now that all the big "eating" holidays are out of the way, that will be chaning. I was hoping to be stronger than I was, but I couldn't get away from the mentality that this would be my "last Thanksgiving and Christmas to eat like I always have." I kept thinking that in the future it just won't be the same, so I may as well enjoy myself while I can. I'm not proud of having that mentality...but it's the truth.

So, why am I excited? Because this Thanksgiving and Christmas will be the last ones I spend the way I am now!!! Tomorrow I will be marking off the last two check boxes on my to-do list!!! I will be going to my second support group meeting in the morning and my psych evalutaion in the afternoon! Once those are done I can make my appointment with the surgeon!! I'm truly hoping to have the surgery by the end of January!! Yay!!

Another reason for my excitement? I've seen the amazing progress my sister has made! She looks amazing! And....she sent me home from her house with two big bags of clothes in smaller sizes!! So, I'm pretty much set for the first few months after surgery!! My little sis has great fashion sense, so I've got some cute stuff to wear for work! Thank you, Sis!!!

I can't wait to watch my butt shrink!! Along with just about everything else!! :) LOL


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