Friday, February 10, 2012

Sorry to do this to all of you, but if I'm going to be real about this, I must include the good, the bad, the ugly....and um....#2 (that might fall into the bad AND ugly category).

I've been on my liquid diet for 5 days now. I drink 1 - 2 protein shakes a day, and I add protein powder to certain things to make sure I'm getting my full 60-70g a day as per Dr.'s orders. I'm also drinking a LOT of water and Crystal Light. You'd think that with all this liquid going in there wouldn't be much issue with things coming out the other end....ends? Anyway, I've been peeing like crazy this week. Every day I have to call someone into my classroom at least once to let me go to the bathroom, and that's in addition to the times I go on my breaks and at home. I'm normally a once a work day kind of girl. (If this is have 2 choices...don't read any further, or suck it up, Buttercup!)

What I haven't been doing this week is having normal BMs. I'm not a clockwork regular kind of girl, but it's typically a daily thing. However, this week has been a bit different. I went okay on Monday. I don't really remember how Tuesday went, but by Wednesday I was having issues. I managed to go, but with some....difficulty?....yes, we'll just say some difficulty. And it wasn't very....productive. I was starting to wonder what was up.

Thursday I didn't make poo (if you can find a better way to not repeat BM or #2 over and over I'd be glad to hear your suggestions) at all! And by this morning my whole abdomen was feeling full, bloated, and a bit swollen. I couldn't get anything to happen this morning either. So, here it is, Friday afternoon and I finally made caca (hey, if my preschoolers can say it, why not me?). I had to take 2 stool softeners to make it happen, and it still took some effort, but at least things are...uh....moving.

So, this brought up two things for me. First: Why? I've been drinking nothing but liquids. Second: That explains why I have not managed to lose any weight this week while drinking all my meals. The doctor said this diet would definitely make me lose weight. In fact they expect it, and I might not get to have the surgery if I don't. So I did what any concerned human would do and turned to the most reliable source for health information available...the internet!

Okay, okay, I know!! is NOT where I should be getting sound medical info. However, what I did find was that other people using whey protein powders have also experienced this clogged drain issue. It's not something that happens to everyone, but some do find it necessary to counteract this particular side effect. First, I need to make sure I'm getting in plenty of clear liquids in addition to my shakes and soups. I kinda slacked on that yesterday. I drank, more than "old me" would have, but not as much as I should have. And second, I need to add some fiber to my shakes.

I went back over my food journals on My Fitness Pal and found that I'd been averaging less than 5g of fiber a day. Not good! This revelation brought up a third thing: It's uber important to journal your food each day!!! By doing that I am now able to keep an eye on not only my protein (main focus of a WLS patient), calories, and fat, but I can watch my fiber and sugar intake as well. And if issues come up (like my drinks will if I don't unclog this drain) I can look back at my numbers and see where I'm off and what I need to adjust.

So, lessons learned for me today. I hope that by sharing my poo story, I can help someone else in their journey.


Michelle said...

Yep, gotta track your food and your poop~ Also remember to watch the fiber count on the foods. You get to minus the fiber from the carb count. When you hit post op life, I have found that Greek Yogurt, fresh fruit and some splenda are a girls best friend. Protein + fiber + sweet like a treat.

Michelle Jackson said...

Michelle, I was just thinking this afternoon that I need to try Greek yogurt. Sounds good with the fruit. :D

Over-Protective Hubby said...

I guess we will get you some "old people powder" (metamucil) today.

Anonymous said...

yep, I understand where you are coming from! Although I am pretty regular these days. It's like clock work for me now every morning for the last few months..

Suzi Vitte said...

Seriously bad issues with No-poop days!!! 3 mo's post-op, finally got it all figured out. GREEK ACTIVIA, W/FRUIT and / or Grapenuts too. Mirolax in apple juice. Ahhhh, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! !!! you're welcome!

Cakesby-Frances Grant said...

Old fashion remedy for constipation is Epson Salt, but use the directions on the box; then use the fiber also too maintain healthy bowel movements.
For diarrhea, use a 1/4 cup water & 2 tblspoons flour then stir and drink or 1/4 water & 3 tblspoons rice and stir, but drink just the water and throw the rice away or cook it later.

Jade Graham said...

I still went with a tub of Isopure Zero Carb, again because of the nutritional value comparison. Craig

Blogger said...

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