Sunday, February 5, 2012

Interview With a Pre-Op Hubby

Hello, ladies and gents! Happy Sunday to you all! While most of the world is watching the Super Bowl, I am resting up a little and letting my antibiotics work while I type up a blog entry I've been working on for a couple of days. Since starting this whole journey, I have realized that without a doubt not only will this change my life forever, but it will change my family's lives as well. This isn't just my journey; it's theirs too. And in honor of that, I am going to post a series of interviews with my husband and children. There will even be a post where I answer their questions. This will help you get a better overall picture of what is going on in our family as we begin this journey. I am also planning a series of post-op interviews at varying times as we go through this process.

We will begin the interview series with my husband, Ryan. Ryan and I were high school sweethearts. We met when we were 15 and became great friends. We started dating when we were 17 and have been together ever since. He is my best friend, and I wouldn't know what to do without him. Ryan joined the Navy right out of high school and will be retiring at the end of May this year. I've been there with him through boot camp, deployments, and more. And more importantly, he's been there for me through all my trials. He has been my rock, my protector, my everything as I have dealt with the demons from my past, battled with depression, and so much more. I am so blessed to have him supporting me through this new adventure.

Question #1: How did you feel when Michelle said she wanted to have WLS ?

Answer: We had a couple of friends and a family member who had the surgery so I was happy and supportive. I had mentioned it a couple of times and I was afraid that I was pushing Michelle for the surgery. I know that she had struggled with her weight since at least high school. I was supportive and happy.

Question #2: How are you feeling about it now as the date of her surgery approaches?

Answer: I am really excited and happy that the surgery date has finally been established.

Question #3: What is your biggest concern?

Answer: My biggest concern is the amount of pain that Michelle will be in after the surgery. I want to make sure that we will be able to go and do things a couple of weeks after the surgery. I believe we have a road trip planned for 3 weeks after her surgery and I just want to make sure she will be good to go.

Question #4: What are you most looking forward to?

Answer: I am looking forward to Michelle getting her confidence back. I want her to be able to wear all the cute and sexy clothes that she isn't currently able to wear. It is going to make life a lot more fun!

Question #5: What changes will this mean for your family?

Answer: I am hoping that this will encourage all of us to be more active and to eat more healthy and use portion control.

Question #6: What will you be doing to support Michelle in this process?

Answer: I am going to encourage her verbally and physically. She has asked me to go walking with her everyday after the surgery. Also, trying to eat healthier and make better food choices.

Question #7: What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

Answer: I think the biggest challenge will be giving up caffeine. At least for me. I don't want to ever tempt Michelle, so I am going to try to give up soda and caffeinated tea.

Question #8: What are one or two fun things you hope to be able to do as a couple and/or family once Michelle reaches her goal weight/a healthier weight?

Answer: So going to theme parks and riding roller coasters will be a lot easier now. Doing a lot more hiking and camping. Also there are a few things in the bedroom that are going to get a lot more interesting. ;)

Question #9: What do you think Michelle's greatest weakness is going to be in this process?

Answer: Not just for Michelle, but for anyone who battles with food addiction, I think that proper eating and portion control will be a challenge. I am told that with WLS, you are usually not hungry, but there are times that all of us keep eating even after we are full, because the food tastes good. I think that will be the biggest challenge.

Question #10: Tell us what you think Michelle's greatest strength is going to be in this process?

Answer: I think that Michelle's determination and her desire to look and feel better will help her the most. She also has a great support system in place.

Other Thoughts: I know that some people view WLS as "cheating" or the "easy way out". These are the people who have never had to battle their weight or food addiction. These people need to think before they speak and put themselves into the shoes and mind of their targets. I am excited and look forward to the things that are to come.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Family support will be very much a part if your journey after surgery. But from my experience, I have informed my family that it was a choice to have WLS and I don't want to feel like that have to "tip toe" around me when it comes to them wanting to eat something I can't. It's been 4 years since my surgery and I have a much better relationship with food. I though I would miss it, but hostly I don't. It's very strange to describe, but I eat to live now, not live to eat. It was like my brain had retrained itself. I'm so excited fir you Chelle and your journey! If you have questions, you know I'm always here!! <3U Amie

tz said...

my hubby and I are high school sweethearts too! And totally dig the hair at your graduation, and the hubby's acid wash jeans :D There are some things I don't miss about the 80's :D
sounds like you are going to have some great support and I may steal this idea from you!

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