Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's All Just Fun and Names

No, I didn't type that wrong. I meant to say names not games. :) I wanted to post something fun and reader interactive today.

I have noticed that there are quite a few people out there that have named their pouches and sleeves. I think this is hilarious, and I want to do it too! I think it is important to keep a sense of humor in life, and naming this new tiny tummy of mine is a great way to do that. And you guys are going to help me!! I'm going to post a few choices for names, and I need you to post your vote for the name I should use in my comments section. Let me give you a little more info before I list the help you understand my reasoning. But keep in mind that I have been on pain meds off and on all week. :D

I've decided my tummy must be a female...she's moody, can't make up her mind, and seems to like chocolate (flavored protein shakes that is...not candy). So we have to find a female name. But there are thousands. How do we narrow it down? Well, something you may notice about me as you read more of my writing is that I love alliteration. That explains why I like to call my new stomach my "tiny tummy" rather than my "pouch". It just sounds more fun. So, I need a T name to go with Tiny Tummy. That narrows it down. I also want the name to have a fitting meaning. I will list a few names I am considering along with their meaning and origin. Then you guys can vote and help me decide what to name her. :)

#1. Tiegan. Meaning: Little princess in the big valley Origin: Aztec (You have to admit, the meaning really fits!!)

#2. Tawny. Meaning: Litte one, or yellowish brown Origin: English (Little one is more the meaning I was looking at for this one.)

#3. Thora. Meaning: Thunder (Have you heard all the noise she's been making?!) Origin: Norse

#4. Tahnee. Meaning: Fairy Queen, little (combines my love of fantasy with my inexplicable belief that I am royalty and should be treated as such!) Origin: Russian, Slavic, English

#5. Tetta. Meaning: Ruler of the house (now rules my house/body) Origin: Teutonic

#6. Tilda. Meaning: Powerful Warrior Origin: German

#7. Tilly. Meaning: Strength through the battle Origin: Teutonic, Greek

#8. Totti. Meaning: Little one. Origin: English

#9. Toya. Meaning: Door that leads into the valley. Origin: Japanese

#10. Tumi. Meaning: Courage, happiness. Origin: African

Okay, there are my top ten names, their meanings, and their origins. Now I just need you to cast your vote! I'll post later today or tomorrow about how my week went with the surgery and hospital stay. Happy voting! I will collect votes until midnight central time Sunday, February 26.


Over-Protective Hubby said...

You shall name your tiny tummy - THORA! Because it's Norse and it kicks ass!

Michelle Jackson said...

My husband brought it to my attention that I have the same name twice, just with 2 different spellings/meanings. #2 & #4. I'm going to leave it like that though. :D

tz said...

tumi :D I like the sound of tumi tummy :D

fatgirlchangingherworld said...

I vote for Tilda... because she is warrior...and together you are fighting the war on obesity!

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