Friday, February 3, 2012

My Top 20 Bariatric Bucket List

In my post Red Is My Signature Color I talked about all the things that I used to exclude myself from because I didn't think I was worthy. Today I'm going to talk about the things that I've had to exclude or limit in my life because I couldn't do them anymore. My weight has been in the way of many things in my life. So today, I'm posting my top 20 bariatric bucket list, a list of all those things I've been wanting to have or do that I have avoided out of fear or actual inability. These are things I want to have, do, or at least try as the weight comes off and I get myself in shape and healthy. As I go through this journey, I will post updates to let you know when I've accomplished one of these things and marked it off.

Here are my current top 20 in no particular order (except is actually my #1 item):

20: Be able to wear knee high boots

19: Be able to cross my legs like a lady.

18: Fly in an airplane and not be wedged in or need a seatbelt extender

17: Go bike riding

16: Have an active social life

15: Learn Yoga & Meditation

14: Go hiking

13: Go horseback riding (haven't been since 5th grade!)

12: Jog at least a mile. I'd actually like to do a 5K

11: Ride all the big roller coasters in an amusement park (and not worry if I'll fit)

10: Take dance lessons with Ryan (ballroom, country western...)

9: Audition for community theater

8: Shop in regular clothing more plus sizes

7: Have my husband to be able to pick me up

6: Get a tattoo on my torso

5: Take a tropical vacation/cruise with my husband

4: Have professional pictures taken of my husband and me

3: Go out dancing with my hubby

2: Be thin and wear something beautiful on my 20th wedding anniversary

#1: Grow old rocking/swinging on the porch with Ryan and watching the grandchildren play in the yard.


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#'s 7, 6, and 1 are my favorite!

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