Thursday, February 16, 2012

Visualizing My Goal

I've seen this idea in several places the last few weeks, and finally made mine today. Each stone represents one pound that I need to lose. My goal is to get down to 150 which means that from my highest weight I need to lose 163 lbs.

Each time I lose a pound I move one white stone from the "LBS To Lose" jar into the "LBS Lost" jar. For every tenth pound I get to move a red, heart stone. I've already been able to move 15 white and one red heart stones to the "LBS Lost" jar.

Now, if I were to get down to what is considered the "ideal" weight for someone my height, I would need to get down to about 130. So, in case I am able to work toward that goal beyond getting down to 150, I have added 20 blue stones (2 star shaped ones for the 10 lb marks) to the bottom of the "LBS To Lose" jar. If I get to move those stones, that means I have exceeded my personal goal. I'm super excited to see the "LBS Lost" jar fill up!!


tz said...

I saw this on pinterest and was thinking of doing it myself too!

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