Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BMI = Bite Me Infidels!!

Okay, so it really means Body Mass Index...but it makes me want to shout things like Bite Me Infidels!! I'm not sure I completely agree with the whole BMI scale, and trust me, I do not live by it. In fact, I detest the terminology they use to label each category. But it is the scale that doctors use to determine how healthy or unhealthy our current weight is. So, I decided today to sit down and calculate where my BMI was when I started (hanging head in shame), where I am now (still hanging, but not quite so low), and how much I need to lose to graduate down through the stages to "Normal." Now if you can honestly and specifically tell me what the hell "Normal" is, I've got some ocean front property up in Oklahoma for ya!

Here are the results of my number crunching (and we thought we'd never need math!!):

Weight/BMI/Category/lbs to lose to reach next goal

Starting: 313/54.6/Super Morbidly Obese

Now: 276/48.1/Morbidly Obese/-45

Next: 229/39.9/Severely Obese/-29

Then: 200/34.9/Obese/-29

And: 171/29.8/Overweight/-28

Finally: 143/24.9/Normal

So, while I'm not super psyched about the BMI scale, I am going to use this chart to set goals for myself. I will have other goals as well, but my BMI goals are listed above. I guess that means in order to reach my next BMI goal, I need to lose 45 lbs! Who's with me?


Miss Breanna said...

I hate the stupid BMI, being so short my weight "should be" between 95- 123lbs WTH is that crap! My goal is to be about 135-155.

Michelle Jackson said...

Breanna, I think it's great that you set your own personal goal! I've actually done the same thing. If I can get down to 150-170 I'll be happy as a clam!!

Honeybee said...

I am more comfortable using kg to weigh myself. And I still have 20kg++ to go to reach the normal level. Yes, I'm with u. We approaching the end of February but I hasn't make any accomplishment yet. In another word, i need to refresh my new year's resolution. Let's be a weight loss buddy.


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