Friday, February 17, 2012

I Have Decided...

Yesterday I met with my surgeon, Dr. Tyner. He is so kind and caring. He took plenty of time to explain things to us in detail and answer all our questions. I had been planning on having the VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy). This choice was made because of some concerns I had about lack of nutrients with the RNY procedure. We spoke at length about both options. I was able to voice my concerns, and ask all the questions I wanted. In the end he recommended that I not make the decision right there in his office, but talk to Ryan about it, give it some thought, and let him know over the weekend.

Ryan and I spent quite a while talking about it yesterday, weighing pros and cons, and trying to think of all aspects of both procedures. We both were leaning the same direction at that point, but decided to get some final input from some of the people in an online support group I'm part of. I wanted to see if any of them had anything positive or negative to say about either operation that I had not yet thought of and considered for myself.

What I found with the responses I got was that most people were very happy with the choice they had made for both RNY and VSG. And in the end, no one offered up anything that I hadn't considered before, but it was still good to hear what they had to say. So, I decided to go to bed and sleep on it last night to see if I still felt the same way this morning that I was feeling after talking to Dr. Tyner.

I woke up today feeling very clear, very calm, and very confident that I had made a decision that is right for me. I have decided to go with the RNY rather than the VSG. Both are great options, but having my concerns addressed and hearing the doctor's recommendation I was able to take a more objective look at the RNY procedure and decided that the added limitations to diet and necessity to be diligent with my vitamins is a fair trade for the weight I expect to lose and the health I expect to gain.

I know this journey will not be easy. It will have it's ups and downs. It will have it's challenges and victories. I have a very realistic outlook on what to expect, and yet I dream of being a complete success! I'm ready for the challenges that lie ahead, and look forward to sharing this journey with you!


Over-Protective Hubby said...

I know that you are going to kick ass! I love you!

Miss Breanna said...

Good for you hun, the choice you made in the end will be the best for you. Both procedures are great but in the end you have to go with what you think will be best for you in the long run. Congrats on your new decision.

michelle202 said...

Congratulations! You are going to do great! The decision process is daunting, and taking your time and weighing the options, and deciding what feels right for you is the BEST way to do it.
I'm so happy for you. You are lucky to have had the luxury of making a decision, as was I. Many people have insurance that won't cover one or the other... for what ever reasons.
YAY for you! You're on your way baby!

fatgirlchangingherworld said...

I'm so very happy that you have reached a decision that you are comfortable with, because that is very important. Where I live, the RNY is the preferred surgery and if I wanted something else I would have to pay out-of-pocket. But, having learned everything I could about the varying procedures, I am so happy with the RNY because it keeps me honest and the possibility of "dumping" is the healthy deterrent that keeps my urges in check. There's not cheating with the RNY, just SUCCEEDING! And girl, I have no doubt that you are going to rock this!

Karen said...

I'm glad you took the time to make an informed choice. I'm excited for you to start on this incredible journey. It going to have it's moments but it's going to be one of the most life changing experiences ever!

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