Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rodeo, Renaissance, and Recipe

I had a great weekend! Friday night Ryan and I went to the Rodeo. We walked around for a couple of hours checking out all the booths and shopping. Then we watched the rodeo, followed by the Lady Antebellum concert.

In spite of the rain we had a great time! And I got some great goodies too! :)

I got a pair of these Sloggers (the darker pattern) and I love them! My feet were wet from the rain that night, so Ryan thought these would be good for traipsing around the wet fairgrounds and for our outing the next day. So comfy, and they kept my feet DRY!

I also got a key chain floating charm locket. I had never seen these before. They are really cute! I got charms that represent each of my sisters, my husband, and my children...oh, and one for myself as well. And I got a pretty turquoise ring (check out the pic of my nails below).

Saturday the kids had their own things going on. Steven spent most of the weekend at a friend's house, Tori went out with some friends. They went downtown for dinner and then on a ghost tour. Ryan and I drove a couple of hours away to go to the Sherwood Forest Faire Renaissance Festival. The weather forecast had called for rain in the morning that would clear up in the afternoon, so we figured it would be safe to spend the afternoon there. When we got there the weather was fine, but it began misting off and on, then eventually it began to rain pretty steady and the temperature dropped some. We really enjoyed it, in spite of the weather. It was our first Renaissance fair, and we decided it definitely won't be our last. Maybe that makes us nerds, but oh well. LOL

We did some shopping at the festival too. We bought a few trinkets like hand made jewelry, and a small trinket box. I got a new elm walking stick since walking and hiking are two of the things I intend to do more of in the future. And we found many things we didn't have the funds for, but would like to have in the future. Our big splurge of the day was wooden steins from the Knarly Knot. They weren't cheap, but they are guaranteed for life. We saw a few of them that had been in use for several years and still looked good as new. I figure not only will they be functional for future faires, but they are pretty just to display in the house as well.

Today I woke up not feeling too great. I had a headache that seemed to want to linger. But I was able to finally get it to subside. Once I was feeling better I headed out for a mani/pedi. I got my nails done with hot pink glitter tips. For my BBGC readers, I chose pink to match my BBGC bracelet. I'll be a full fledge BBG come Tuesday!

Tomorrow I start my clear liquid diet which will include a nice grape flavored magnesium citrate to clear me out. Yay! Not. But it does mean that I'm one day closer to my surgery and being on the loser's bench. :D

Very quickly before I go, I wanted to share another recipe I came up with this week. I had never tried Greek yogurt before, but had heard a lot about it. I picked some up the other day, plain. It had quite a bite to it. I've been using it as a sour cream alternative in my soups to liven them up a bit this week. But I was wanting some sweet, flavored yogurt as well. So, I did a little experimenting and it went quite well. Here's what I made.

Orange Creamsicle Greek Yogurt

1 cup plain 2% Greek yogurt (I used Chobani)
1 individual serving packet of orange flavored Crystal Light mix
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon Splenda

Mix together and refrigerate. I let it sit overnight and found the flavor to be a bit better the next day. I have plans to try other flavors as well.


Over-Protective Hubby said...

The rodeo was awesome as usual. Lady A was as good as I expected and the faire was MORE than I expected! Thank you for being on the go with me all weekend! It was fun!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Eeeeeeeeeeek! That Orange Creamsicle Greek Yogurt sounds delish so I am giving this a try today!


Michelle Jackson said...

Lulu, let me know what you think! :D

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